Last weekend I went down to London to watch my little nephew Harrys’ football game


He is only 7 and it’s been his first year of playing and he’s been loving it


Playing up front he’s been blitzing teams with his pace and finishing ability, scoring loads of goals


A lot different to his uncle then who’s limited with his fast twitch fibres!


I was up early Saturday and hit the road and got there in plenty of time to pick him up and take him over


One thing that amazed me was how calm and relaxed he was


When I used to play, whatever sport it was, cricket rugby or football, I would be a bag of nerves


Would have to get there early and have everything in place laid out the night before


Then double check again and again


I was the classic one for the dreams when you are next in to bat but cant get the pads on for some reason


Anyway we got to the pitch and he started to have a kick around before the game


No formal warm up


At that age who pulls a hammy? They still have access to the movements they developed as toddlers before the modern world takes it off them


So the game starts and the opposition coach starts straight away


Literally yelling at these kids


Nothing constructive, crap like get stuck in, generic type of rubbish


Then my nephews team start banging in the goals


At half time its 4 – 0. Couldve been 10


And mouthy is having a right strop


Then in the 2nd half Harry sticks away a couple quick goals to go 6-0 up, and their coach does something I couldn’t believe

He sits down on the touchline arms crossed


Like a kid in assembly at school


I was stuck between disbelief and wanting to batter him for setting such a poor example for these kids


At 7 it should be all about play and enjoyment, encouraging them


Of course you can talk to them about setting up in a formation and a few tactical things, but let the kids go a bit, and don’t try to live vicariously through them


The game ended 11-1, little Harry scoring 6 leaving a very proud uncle watching


Him and his other team mates all saying that they were glad they didn’t have the oppositions coach


It reminded me of our duty to these young people


Before they get involved at higher levels just encourage and support them, show them how much fun sport is


There is enough in this world that will try and bring them down, so while they are kids let them be kids


Or we might lose some real talents because of idiot coaches


Think differently



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