Twitter can be a tough read sometimes

People arguing over ridiculous rubbish

Can make you want to chuck your phone in the bin

But I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a great post last week

It was a video of a couple teenagers stood around a table with a box on the top of it

When they took the box away, it revealed an old school, landline telephone

It was the sort that didn’t even have push buttons on it

The type which was common place when I was growing up (and big fella it made me feel old let me tell you)

They then gave the lads a simple task

Make a phone call with it

That was it

Could they do it?

Not a chance

The first 30 seconds they looked at it like it was an alien

You see these phones had dials on the front, and you had to put your finger in the dial, turn it all the way around, then let it go back to the start before entering the next number

And if you put the wrong number it at any point you had to start again!

These lads didn’t have a clue

And whilst it seemed simple to those old enough to have had them, it was completely foreign to these guys

And there is a great lesson in there for trainers and coaches

Just because we may seem something as normal and easy, it doesn’t mean that our players will

Im guilty of it when I see a bowler go out to bowl without doing any prep, let alone any mediball work

I cant understand it

But if they haven’t been shown, or don’t know, then why would they

I get it

We have to be able to take the time, explain things, the ins and out and how it can help

Which is where our Inner Circle is fantastic

We can help direct all the players to the right programs for them

And be there for any help or questions they might have

If you feel a bit lost and in need of specialised guidance, then give it a go

Follow this link to tell you more

Think differently


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