The prowler


2 words that can make even the toughest bloke go weak at he knees


That horrible bit of kit that can sap your soul


I remember back in 2008 when I first started to use it


In fact it wasn’t even a proper prowler


It was one of those big punch bags with the floor that you filled with water to stop it from falling over and moving all around the place


We had literally zero budget so it came in handy as a stand in prowler, and had pretty similar effects


You see it pretty much everywhere now


Crossfit made it a pretty common piece of kit, and now even your posh gyms have them in


The trouble for me know is how they are being used


Is there good enough rhyme or reason for making them part of your conditioning plan


There are some things you need to take into consideration


1) Is it for enhancing sprint technique?


Sprinting technique drills have been massively in fashion over the last few years, particularly following Bosch’s work


And the prowler can be another one of these. On both ends of the spectrum


If its fairly light then you can work on that snap of the front leg drive, shin lead and hip extension on the back leg whilst keeping your torso in line


Really working on that short powerful foot to ground connection


Or if its loaded then you can gain a more isometric effect, working the strength in sprinting position angle


But what you see most of is it thrown in just to smash someone during a conditioning circuit


And ive done this myself in the past


But I think we need to be smarter than this now


Every time we are in the gym, or working with a player, we need to be making sure this is either gonna help them improve their game, improve their body or be decreasing the risk of injury


If its just for a laugh and to have someone crawling to the changing rooms to be sick then we may have lost the whole point


Something to think about for fast bowler training




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