Let me reiterate I only get bowlers to squat for 1 phase.

That’s it.

It’s not specific and doesn’t directly transfer to bowling fast.

Let’s stop with an over-reliance on it. In simple terms, get in and get out of it.

Don’t spend 12 weeks trying to improve your numbers.

Yes Rugby and Wrestling programmes may spend longer but remember F=MxA.

We have no mass.

But what about bodyweight?

Yes, but the skill happens to quickly for it to impact.

The direction of force is different.

Yes squat is a big bang for your buck lower body exercise and has to be in the programme.


But it should sit at the start of the PDSF in the general prep stage and then as a neural potentiation exercise around the later stages of the PDSF in the Specific prep phase contrasted with a more specific exercise.

Whenever I squat I bowl, sprint or jump straight after.

Without fail.


That is the main benefit of squat, trap bar deadlift or Hip thrust (depending on bowling dominance) it’s the recruitment of more fast twitch fibres which makes the subsequent exercise or phase more effective.

⬆️ activation of motor units, however , even then there are better options


The key is making those exercises and phases specific to fast bowling.

Each exercise periodically added will utilize the great neural impact of the previous phase.

This builds up to bowling quickly at the end of the PDSF when SPORTS FORM has been achieved. Key then is to bowl fast for 6 balls in a row, for 6 to 10 sets.


Always respect the direction of force otherwise it won’t transfer.

It’s all about the shin angle!!! DIRECTION OF FORCE PRODUCTION


“The direction of force production is key for developing applicable force transfer”


‘If your training is not based around increasing anterior posterior force production metrics, know you are leaving a ton of gains on the table. Not to mention increasing your likelihood of injury” @drheenan


Notice how all the above exercises have the same base position!!

Click here https://www.instagram.com/p/B68R3cGHQBv/

This allows the exercise to become a technical remapping and grooving tool.

Use your drill to become your subconscious coach.

That’s the only way to encourage change & stability

Assess don’t guess


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