Back in September you will remember that we had our first Fast Bowlers profiling day for our guys at Worcester


We had 3 separate sets of people all come to us to do their own separate testing on our boys


We had Steff with his pacelab team to get bowling specific data


Then Gav from FMS UK come and get the full movement assessment on them, including the Y Balance


Also we were honoured to have Dr Nick Birch, the renowned back specialist come and use his new EchoS bone density machine to show us if the bowlers had any issue with the bone density around their lower back


You will know, because I bang on about it, that we are on a crusade to know only optimise performance but also to try and get rid of the bane of fast bowlers life- injury, specifically stress fractures


It might well be something we never actually get too, but we are determined to do everything we can to get as close as possible to some form of solution where numbers of stress fractures start to go down rather than up


Ill never accept that its part of what happens though


So having Dr Birch with us I wanted to pick his brains


It was too good an opportunity to miss


This guy has seen probably thousands of backs, and is one of the lead guys in the country that bowlers get sent to to be fixed


He talked about the importance of getting load through the spine to help make it robust


We know that it needs it


No load will make it weaker than it could be


Lets not beat around the bush here big fella, the act of bowling fast isn’t pretty when looking at the forces going through the lower back


8 times your body weight, rotation, extension, lateral flexion. Ouch!


Dr Birch said the ideal about of force to help strengthen the lumbar to keep it robust was around 4 times your body weight


And that is the amount of force that normal jumping will exert


So we don’t have to go crazy with the weight, especially when its vertically loading and forcing into extension (think back squat)


So pogo jumps, learning to land properly, depth jumps, box jumps, lateral jumps, single leg pulsing are all things that will help


Along with getting those dysfunctions sorted, making sure the kinetic chain works well, and building strength


It what we base our programs on


And if you need them for your off season then come to the Inner Circle


We have everything you need to help


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