The end of season questions are flying in now

Fast bowling really takes its’ toll on people, it really is such an unnatural and tough thing on the body

Adam had this question for us


Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed that after the season, my pelvis is hiked up on my front foot side and is very tight!

Can this be fixed?




An unstable and out of position pelvis is a hallmark of dysfunction

The pelvis is the centre of the body and when things above and below go wrong it takes a pounding

One of the first visual assessments we do is of the pelvis, and it can tell us a lot, we can pretty much say a few of the things which are going on in the body by the state of it

Having it hitched up on the front foot side like Adam has is also very common

Think about the force that goes through that leg every time you bowl

Between 4-8 times you bodyweight every single bowl

Multiply that by every ball over the season and you get a crazy figure of load that you are trying to cope with

What we have to do initially is give the whole area some TLC

We have a pelvis plan on the OCD program in the inner circle which gets into the key muscles above and below which then allows the muscle to relax and get back to near normal

Then we try and re set the patterns around it, getting the trunk working as it should as well as the hip

At the end of the season if the training has been off and the load high then we can see the trunk gain too much mobility and the hip too much stability

We get in and change that around

So when you combine smart soft tissue work along with corrective exercise, the pelvis gets back to where it should

And the hammy and lower back thank you for it

We have all these programs within the Inner Circle, take a look here

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