Getting great feedback really is one of the most special things about running cricket strength

To have the reach to help people who normally get left to their own devices is special

There is no reason now for any player not to reach their playing potential

Or coach to not know what to do to help

We had this feedback on one of our posts


Have to say my lad Rhys, has really developed since being a member of the Inner Circle both physically and mentally.

Fittest and cricket strongest he has been.

He is looking to push on even further this winter.

Cannot recommend Ross and Stef enough, they and Cricket Strength are the dogs danglies


Love this

What we look to do within the Inner Circle is look to have every base covered

It really isn’t just fast bowling programs

We have interviews with a Sports Psychologist, a Sports Science specialist with a number of published journal articles as well as Ashes winning batsmen and spinners and World Cup Finals Batsmen and spinners

Rehab plans for hamstrings, side strains, stress fractures, ankle injuries, ACL and shoulder problems

So it really is an holistic approach we take, not just fitness

The self care side of soft tissue work, how to recover and warm up properly is massively important

Get this right and the game is a lot easier

And that is what it is all about

Making the game as easy and fun as possible

Lets face it, sat out with injury is no good for anyone

Its frustrating as hell

And that’s why we have made the programs we have

To help you be ‘Cricket Fit’

And I love the pushing on even more this winter part too

We are really looking to expand our content even further, making the Inner Circle a real Global Cricket Community

Hit this link to find out more

Think differently


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