Well Saturday was T20 finals day again

The best day of the year

And it was the 2nd time in a row we had been back there

After winning it last year we missed out this, losing on the last ball, which my friend was pretty heart breaking

But in the semi final we won on the last ball

Both games coming to the last ball with the equation exactly the same is pretty remarkable

And one you win, one you lose

That’s the fine lines you work with

There are things that stick out though throughout the day

And it was the high level of skill on show

The spinner, Mo and Harmer especially looked like they had the ball on a string

But it is seamers where the game has evolved

And it had to

It is no good anymore having you stock ball and running up bowling it ball after ball in T20 cricket, the batsmen are too good now and you get lines up very quick

You have to have at least one very decent slower ball variation and the ability to execute it

What you don’t see is the amount of prep that these guys do to work on these balls

Hours in nets and talking to bowling coaches, practicing, getting smashed all over the place, but coming back time and time again

Then having the composure to do it in front of 25000 people and millions on tv

It makes you very proud

And hopefully with the coverage it gets on TV it helps you try it for yourself

We did an interview with Cricket Strength graduate Pat Brown after last years final win and he speaks about how he works on all his different delivieries

Its in our Inner Circle along with all the other exclusive interviews we give

Click here for more info https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think different, and keep practising


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