Now I like to think I know my way around the body


Give me someone who is a bit broken and id back myself to get them back on the park


And have the ability to not only stay on the park but also to improve


But im not ashamed to admit that away from the body my skills fall down


Especially around cars


Well machines in general


Especially if they have engines!!


Cars are a particular mystery to me


I just haven’t got a clue about them


A few years ago I got myself a Nissan Juke for a while


Thought it looked pretty cool and that id enjoy running it around


I tend to go for lease cars so if something goes wrong im not the one who has to sort it out


(theres a lesson right there in letting someone else do jobs you are not good at)


Well this guy dropped the car off, I gave it a look over and all to my massively untrained eye looked good


Then he handed me the key


But big fella, it wasn’t the key I was used to


It was a fob


So I was sat in the front seat, this key in hand, nowhere to put it and looked like a prize plum


The driver took pity on me and told me it was a touch start car


Never even heard of that before


And yesterday my new car started beeping at me


When starting it does this self-diagnosis thing to see if everything is working well


The signal started flashing and said I had low pressure in the front 2 tyres


So trying to be conscientious I took it to a garage with an air pressure machine and stuck it on


But the machine was taking the pressure down not up


I just thought it must know what its doing, and I vaguely remembered my dad telling me normal tyre pressure was around 26psi


So I left it jumped back in the car and off I went


But the beeping got loaded


This time on the screen in showed the actual pressure in each tyre, and the back 2 had 32psi


I thought the air machine would know automatically what the tyre needed


So back I go and found you can change the machine to put the pressure you need in (who would have thought!)


So put 32psi and in it went


But still it beeped at me when I started the engine


It was only then I looked up what the actual pressure in the tyre for my car should be


And it was 35psi


What a dumbass


I could’ve saved myself a lot of time and effort by just taking the time to do that in the first place


How does this equate to cricket strength


Well my friend, you wouldn’t believe the number of players who want to jump into a program before doing any ground work or research


They see something that looks good and just want to start


Or haven’t the patience to see out the program they are on


Don’t let that be you


Be a lot smarter than me with cars and you’ll get awesome results


And remember the Inner Circle is always there to help


Click here


Think smartly



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