Rehab is never much fun

Apart from the obvious downside that you are missing playing the game you love, the training can be monotonous

And for our players it means they spend every day with me (which In turn leads them to need a psych session!)

We have back to play markers which our players have to reach in order to be considered fit for selection again

Whether it be a motor control score like the anterior slide, mobility such as thoracic rotation or a more capacity based one in the CMJ or broad jump, they have to get somewhere near their best in order for us to green light their return

And this can be the big danger period for players

They’ve done the work, are back in full training and playing and are pain free and feeling good

But guess what happens

The habits and drills that we have used with them to get back fit are suddenly dropped

They sometimes, despite the physio and myself banging on about it, leave them behind thinking they are all good now

And guess what happens

A couple weeks down the line pain can start to come back

Its infuriating

Im as bad myself

I get terrible thoracic pain if ive not been doing my correctives

But as soon as pain free out the window they go

The ones who get the best from their body have the consistency that they need

They put the work in day in and day out

They do the little things well

Prevention is always better than cure

We want people to be on the pitch expressing themselves always

If you have been struggling with your body and need help then we are here

Our online 1 to 1 plan gets stuck into all elements of your body

We look at your issues and injuries, get them right before building you and then adding the bowling specifics

Have a look here

It could change your year

Think differently


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