More often than not the bowlers who bowl the quickest are the ones who are more often than not injured on a regular basis.

There is a trade off for bowling massive velocities.

The timing of hip shoulder separation is perfect for torque and later with regard peak ground reaction forces but it comes at a price.

This is why they need careful managing.

There are plenty of bowlers who can bowl 80mph outswinging top of off deliveries.

More often than not when all else equal they are the mixed fibre type guys and can tolerate volume and intensity.

Unlike the faster twitch 90+mph guys who really CAN’T do volume!!

These are the bowlers who need workload management and simply let loose when key moments of the game can go either way.

They are your Ferrari’s, X factor’s and match winners.

Treat the genuine quicks differently.

Understand they will get Injured if you keep trying to bowl them like everyone else.

They are not the work horses, they are the race horses.

They don’t have to be Injured, it’s not something that we need to accept.

Just manage workload and respect the rule of VOLUME OR INTENSITY.


It’s the timing of the separation in relation to peak ground reaction forces, not the separation itself. Marc Portus wrote a great publication on this in 2004. Faster bowlers experience the separation later but it’s closer to or even after front foot contact which is when the greatest stress is experienced.

The spine endures about 2x extra ground reaction force than the legs. If the spine is rotated at this point of peak force then it’s in a slightly compromised position. The real deal breaker for spinal injury is trunk flexion, lateral flexion and rotation combined. Repetitive loading causing micro damage finally leading to structural deformation in tissues.

As with most techniques, the fastest traits usually lend themselves to greater injury risks. This can be somewhat combatted obviously by improving bowling workload in a slow and controlled manner and no doubt that whole-body strength and stability play a huge role too’ – Dr Simon Feros

Assess don’t guess


p.s. in the Inner Circle this month we had an exclusive interview with Dr Feros. Click here to access

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