I saw an advert on social media the other day

It was for what they called ‘the best portable gym tool in the world’

You know the sort of thing

It’s what you usually see on these infomercial adverts, and new bit of kit which is normally a bit of a fad and you wont see anything about in a years time

Let me tell you I’ve wasted plenty of money on those sorts of things

Im always willing to give anything a go even if they add only a tiny bit of good

And there have been a few which were decent

Ive had a body blade for about 13 years now and still a great drill for the shoulder

But most end up in cobwebs


The actual best portable gym tool in the world is pretty simple

Your body

It can do amazing things

And people usually don’t explore its true capabilities

They skip it and go straight to lifting weights

Which can hide a multitude of sins

Ive seen people struggle to stand on 1 leg for 10 seconds but shift a lot of weight on a barbell

Think if you cant do simple things like touch your toes or do 15 strict press ups then should you be thinking about deadlifting or bench pressing?

Probably not

Its always the same

Gain movement competency and strength and it’s the gateway to great gains down the line

Stay away from fads and short cuts, they usually land back where you don’t want to be

If you need our guidance then we are available in the inner circle

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Think differently


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