There is an old phrase which is so very true when it comes to trying to implement some real change in a bowling action

And it goes “If you chase 1 rabbit you will most likely catch it. If you chase 2 you will end up with none

Which is so true, and applicable to change

Our new intake of online 1-1 guys are entering the change cycle now

We don’t spend an age just on gym work, we want to get into the guts of it as quickly as possible

And it works really well to start to help change an action at the same time as the body getting rid of dysfunctions

So after the first 4 weeks technical work is introduced

Ben is one of our guys and we identified a few things within his action that we wanted to work on

One of them being trying to brace (not hyperextend) his front leg

Yesterday he sent me an email with pictures to show the change that has happened in just 10 days (the pic attached)

And this is what he said

Slowly started to work on what you gave me to work on last week

I’ve started to notice a slight difference in my front leg and delivery position.

Looking and feeling positive and bowling well

I was chuffed for him when I saw the pics and you could see hes put the work in

Steff has got a great saying about this and its “Practice makes permanent

Ben is at a stage now where its just a case of following the drills and success will come

He was worried about his back foot as well, and this is where the chase 2 rabbits saying comes in

We have got his plan so that he doesn’t have to think about his back foot, all the drills he is doing are already helping that

Using the isometrics which Steff advocates in his skill stability paradigm starts to change it without having to think

And this is what Ben had to say to finish the conversation

the medi ball work in the pre turn plan is looking after my back foot for the time being, so that might just fall into place without me having to pay huge amounts of attention to it.

Either way, I’m trying to improve and get quicker each day by working on something

What a fantastic attitude

Hes got his plan, is following it and its already starting to fall into place

And he’s still got the rest of the winter to get even better

Really excited for the big fella to see where he is in March

If you need this help and 1-1 coaching then hit the link below

It could change everything for you

Think differently


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