Cricket is a funny beast

It seems a lot more kids want to specialise in it early and leave a lot of other sports behind

Maybe because the nature of the game is just so different to the others like rugby and football then people might think other sports could hinder it

But it couldn’t be further from the truth

When you screen young players you often get into a dialogue with them about other things that they do

The worry is that the majority of kids screened, even 8 and 9 years olds, already have a significant level of movement dysfunction in them

Pretty alarming really

On the odd occasion that someone flys through the screen you dig a little deeper and ask what they do away from cricket

And these 3 activities always crop up

1- Gymnastics

Now im a massive fan of this. Learning to control and move the body is absolutely essential, and gymnasts can do this at a level that most cant

And now that the crazy old coaches who used to force the legs over head in the crazy stretches have gone then it’s a lot safer too!

2- Martial arts

Judo, karate, taekwondo are all things which seem to have a great effect on the body. If you look they are pretty bilateral and involve movement through a lot of different planes

Almost a perfect antidote to bowling really!

3- Dance

Now this is one it would be hard to convince young lads to give a good crack to, but dance is a fantastic activity to get into to keep the body in good health

Single leg mobility and stability are huge areas that this helps, as well as trunk and general motor control

So there are the things that I would massively suggest direct kids into to help them keep good movement and hopefully steer clear of injuries

Think differently


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