There are 2 main things we try and help you out with as much as possible

Your game

Your body

So when we get a message back like the one below from a guy in the Inner Circle it makes us very happy


Just want to say a massive thanks to Ross and Steffan for all the help over the last year or so as I bowled for the first time in a game yesterday in over a year and still feel great today.

Going to look to progress slowly but ill hopefully get some good overs in for 2’s this week against Lancashire.

Thanks for the help guys!


This was fantastic as the lad has had all sorts of issues over the last couple years

And the advice he has been getting hasn’t been great

Obviously injuries are the fast bowlers nemesis

And wed love to get rid of them completely but in reality they will still happen

When they do its about finding out why

And if you document all you do in training and bowling workloads, understand your body and your action then it gives you a lot more power to actually putting things right

If you get injured and you haven’t got this info then you can rehab the actual injury well but they would be a high chance it would happen again in the future

What we do with all our guys in the Inner Circle is get them to look at 3 videos before they do anything else

They are

– Understanding if you are hip or knee dom

– Self assess for dysfunctions in movement

– looking at if youre a static or spring athlete

From this you know where to go next for your training, both bowling and body

And when you put it together great things can start happening

If you want more info click here

And you can really start to improve

Think differently


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