Rate of force development (RFD) can be broken down into two stages.


There is an early stage RFD and a late stage rate of force development.


Early stage RFD is typically measured from 0-100ms while late stage RFD is anything after


I would actually split it 3 x


Early- 0-100ms. LEGS

Mid- 100-200ms. TRUNK

Late- 200ms+. UPPER


Early and late stage RFD differ in terms of neural and physiological mechanisms.


Late stage RFD might be much more related to the contractile elements of the muscle while early stage RFD might have to do more with the nervous system.


Depending on the state of the athlete, specific shifts in training should be considered in order to obtain the best results in performance” – @strong_by_science


This is really relevant to fast bowling and the exact reason why I train the upper body with heavier overloaded implement such as Weighted balls and  @lila_movementechnology

Exogen suit and assisted band bowling for the actual full delivery.


The UB will require LATE STAGE RFD and the lower half will require EARLY STAGE RFD due to the time taken at each key node.


The trunk region will require MID stage RFD


Remember BFC lasts 0.10-20sec !! Depending on hip or knee dominance and BFC quality.




Training each segment different in turn will groove a delay, a longer arm pull, create time and storing more energy in the upper half. 


So more ballistic work and weighted ball bowling


In the lower half it’s essential to teach /train (stiffness) so the bowler can get off the back foot quickly and generate more negative acceleration into front foot block.


Understand the kinetic and kinematic requirements of fast bowling.


Notice I haven’t EXOGEN loaded his legs just his upper half to overload the delay.


He is a hip/fascia/tendon driven bowler so didn’t want to slow the lower half down and add weight but trying to get him to use the ‘DOMINANCE” he has.

My drills aren’t just there to look different or advance.  They have purpose based on the needs of the bowler.


Increase momentum into FFC.


Pre turn from a stiff BFC to internally rotate the hip and generate torque in the trunk and delay the pull into the arm


All. things you can learn at www.pacelab.co.uk


Assess don’t guess



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