First up, Happy New Year

May it bring you everything you ever wanted

Now just over a year ago I set myself a challenge

On the fitbit watch I have it sets you a target of trying to complete 10,000 steps a day

Im not too sure where the number came from but I tried to keep to it most days the year before

But then Christmas eve 2017 I looked at it as I was going to be and id only done 2,738 steps that day

How pathetic is that I thought

Ridiculously lazy

So it thought id set a target for 2018 and try to do 10,000 steps every single day

Now it wasn’t simple

A lot of times I had to plan to get them in

Having a pup made it a bit easier, with 2 walks a day

But I thought id do this test on myself to see if the 10000 step rule had any real effect

Well let me tell you

Nope it didn’t

Of course fitness fluctuated throughout the year, weight went up and down, same with strength etc

But what I discovered was this

Its not about the steps, its what you do with them

So just walking doesn’t really cut it (although of course there would be a certain population of people that walking would do good for-elderly, obese etc)

So if you set yourself a target this year, as in any resolutions, for me make it outcome based

Whether it be bowl faster (click here to help with that) or maybe increase gym numbers, lose weight or fun a 10k or half marathon

When you have the objective to get to you can then set the process

And 10000 steps might well come into that

My new target is this

Hit 100 burpees per day and hit 85kg

Lets see what happens

Happy new year


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