An interesting video has come out from the NFL over in America

Its of a quarter back doing a pretty different looking warm up

And its got a lot of air time over social medial and the sports channels

A lot taking the mick and putting it with different music

People are saying what the hell is he doing, and that cant be specific

But it reality it couldn’t be more specific

Big Steff was the first one in cricket to talk about the importance of a hip pre turn in Knee Dom bowlers, and how it creates hip shoulder separation to help increase power and speed

And the hip pre turn is exactly what the NFL player is doing

Being a quarter back throwing is his profession

And due to the fact he has to do it from a pretty stationary position (as in most of the time he will have no run up and momentum) he has to create the power from somewhere

So he is grooving his kinetic chain to work as efficiently as possible, stamp out the energy leaks, and lead to better performance

Pretty much a win all around

The thing that strikes a chord with me is how much it has been laughed out, instead of trying to be understood

Because it is different everyone gets scared, and when they are scared and don’t understand it they mock it

And that happens all the way up

The number of times one of our 1-1 guys tell us they get a lot of strange looks and people asking what the hell they are doing when they are hitting up one of our sessions in the gym

When its not straight line bilateral lifting people lose their minds

But if we are not getting into specifics, and understanding what we need and then programming it, we wont get anywhere

Year after year we will experience the same thing

And who wants that

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