Over the last two years I’ve had a shift of mindset to strength training.

Ok let’s be clear.

Nothing in the weight room will ever replicate the speeds in fast bowling.

BFC happens for only 0.10-20sec + flight time to FFC only 0.31-0.70sec with a FFC of 0.30-0.70secs. So what is the purpose of strength training?

For me weight training is a CNS stimulation tool.

Lifting basic compound max strength movements will potentiate the CNS far more than any ballistic method, strength speed or Olympic lifting variation in my opinion.

CNS stim that happens with weight training during a max attempt with max weight is greater than the stimulation during a max attempt with max power.

CNS activation from MxS is optimal.

MxS lifting involves CNS via the max recruitment of motor neurons.

Strength training is more about increasing the effectiveness of the skill of fast bowling.

This is why I firmly believe contrast training of two exercises at either end of the FVC is the most effective way.

A1. Max compund lift (ecc/iso/partial)

A2. Bowling. Overload or underload based on limiting factor

Mb throws + jumps are integral to my programmes and always are placed at the start of the session. These are here to potentiate the main lifts.

So the whole curve is trained but it’s understanding why they are in the programme.


Bowling is about “LEAVERAGE” and utilisation of the energy in the completion of the full movement.

Dynamic effort day using light squats, bench or pulls is useless to a fast bowler, any weight training cannot make you move faster than the actual delivery. If you need to move faster then bowl a lighter ball, bowl assisted or bowl more in general to be honest

I have the same opinion for Olympic lifts.

I also hate the idea of confusing the bowler with teaching them the correct technique. A mind can do 3 things well, 2 things very well &1 thing only really well.

 I only want my players mind to be concerned with one technique only and that is of fast bowling. Oly movements have to be shown and done correctly or else they are really counterproductive and injury inducing

Bowling also involves extension & rotation at the same time

Get after it


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