We have had some questions lately asking for help for spinners, what sort of things they should be doing


For me the important thing for spinners, either leg or off, is that you have the ability to move freely throughout the body


If you look at spinners you have to start from the bottom up. A lot pivot on their feet, needing good ankle mobility. If you havent got this you could be putting your knee under extra pressure to create the mobility from somewhere, and if the body starts to get it from you knee you could be staring down the barrel of injury.


The hips as well should have the ability to move without restrictions. As the foot pivots you want the hips to be working to cause the rotation, just as with the fast bowlers. You dont want the trunk to be trying to rotate, or again you will be looking at injury problems 


As we move up the body into the area most focus on we get to the meat of it. As a spinner you need thoracic mobility, to be able to flex, extend and rotate around the upper back. This is where you need to start, way ahead of the shoulder. If you cant rotate the upper body then there is not point trying to work on your shoulder


Here is a video I did about how to gain that thoracic mobility https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m38SNmzcT_M


The video also shows how to improve your scapula stability. Again really important for the spinner. Having the ability to upwardly rotate the scapula as your arm comes above your head, as well as keeping the ribs from flaring and deep diaphragm breathing, can all help massively


So this is where I would start. Would I be doing olympic lifting with them? Highly unlikely 


Again what does the athlete need. Do your best for them


Think differently






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