Got this question in Friday about the shoulder

It’s a little different to the usual shoulder problems so I thought it would be a great one to share

This is what was asked


Hi There,

I came across your youtube channel and saw the “rehab from stress fracture” video

2 years ago at school I fractured my coracoid from bowling.

For 2 months I was told that it was just a sprain by the school nurse and was off sport for 2 weeks.

I played that season and only batted (I’m primarily a bowler) and really struggled with pain.

I managed to see a shoulder consultant etc but still have issues with my shoulder when bowling.

I was wondering if you could maybe offer some advise for rehab?

Many Thanks,



Great question

Playing pain can only go on so long

You either get so fed up you don’t enjoy playing anymore or the injury gets so much worse that you cant

Not a great couple of options

So here is the plan I sent the big fella to attack it (and remember we are not diagnosing the previous injury here)

1)- Get your shoulder assessed to give you a clear starting point of where the shoulder is. You need to know where we are starting so we know where we need to get to

2)- Get your whole movement assessed as well. Remember we need to know exactly what is happening at every joint in the body

Its absolutely useless diving straight into the problem point and thinking we can fix everything there (although this is how bad practitioners create return custom)

3)Find out how the whole complex is working, so the shoulder scapula and thoracic and how it moves in unison

Once you know and understand this you can form a plan of attack to fixing the issue and getting rid of pain

And its exactly the way we structure our Online 1-1 plans with people

And have great success with it

If it sound like the sort of help you need then hit this link now and we can get started

Think differently


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