I got asked this last week

In todays climate probably a perfectly good question

Seems that a lot of people fall into 2 camps

You’ve got the coffee drinking barbell fixes all lot

Or the don’t want to touch in case something goes wrong brigade

As always you’ve got to take bits of everything you learn, and apply to the player in front of you

I think plyometric especially seems to put the fear of god into people

There is a lot of scare mongering out there about how strong you need to be before you can do it etc

But have a think about this

When kids play hop scotch in the playground is anyone asking them how strong they are?

Are they only allowed a skipping rope in they have back squatted 1.25x their body weight?

Of course not

And they are plyometric activities

They are on a spectrum, and pick the ones that you need to use

That’s where the skill in the training comes into it

Simple skipping and hoping can be a start

Then you can work on landing mechanics, fall off a small box or bench and land in the power position

Then gets the arms involved

There is a lot you can do with any youngster

Make it fun, add in a game, so they have to use acceleration and deceleration, turning, stopping, jumping

Back it all up by screening and helping improve movement

It will all feed into each other

And before you know it you can have kids with great movement patterns, who can jump and land with great technique, and are in a position where they are ready to be loaded

Get fundamentals right and all fits into place

And if you need more help then the inner circle has a video series of the process we use for initial plyometrics

Have a look here http://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/

Think differently


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