People get very worried about training during the season

And it you listen to some “coaches” you shouldn’t even bother ever training

We had this question from Barry


Hey fellas

Loving the content, really helped my winter

Ive just started the season and am feeling good. I followed the programs in the Inner Circle and loved it

My question is what to do now

Ive just bowled 25 overs across the weekend and body feels in bits

Should I keep on with the strength training




Good question baz lad

And the simple answer is yes, we need to keep on top of strength

It would be a waste of time to work so hard in the winter to then let it go during the season

But its just about being sensible

Understanding your body

And manipulating sets and reps

So say on a program you had 4 lots of 8 of reverse lunges to do, but youre not feeling 100%

You could just adjust the volume and do 3 lots of 4

You’re still getting the training stimulus without the residual effects of DOMS (occlusion training works for this as well, find a seminar in the Inner Circle)

Where you have to be careful is missing a week or 2 and then trying to get back into it

This is where the pain will come

But be sensible, have a program that supports your bowling and body, and it’s a win win

Think differently


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