The opportunity to go away and play abroad during the off season isn’t something that a lot of players get the chance to do

I’ve been in professional cricket 20 seasons now and because the bulk of my work is done in the off season then I’ve never had the chance to go and see what the players get to experience

One of our online 1-1 guys had a question about what he should do this winter

This is what he asked


Just a quick one

I am very interested to developing my game by playing down under.

Is it too early in regards to having surgery on my knee last August?

In other words is back to back seasons too much coming back from this injury?



This is a great question

And my answer now would certainly be different to what I would’ve said a couple of years ago

It’s a big message that Steff is a huge fan of

And that’s bowling all year round

Now I must admit I used to be very cautious when it comes to going over seas

And for young pro’s im still of the mind that they need a couple winters good conditioning in them before letting them go


If you are just playing at weekends, then why not get yourself out to somewhere hot for the summer

Not playing pro allows you the time to keep training all year around, as the bowling loads are relatively low

So you don’t have to make as many concessions

The give and take isn’t there as much, you can put a plan place and know you can pretty much stick to it

So it makes sense to just continue it through the off season too

Get working physically, and be able to bowl properly, and in the sun

Whats not to like

As long as you have a good plan for your body and game then it can only be good

And what an amazing experience

Now if you need help with that plan then you can always jump on a 1-1 program

Just click here

Think differently


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