Had this question in last week


Since the new website was launched it seems it’s a lot easier for you to get them in which is great


We want to be helping as much as possible


Anyway this one was from Gareth who wanted to know about his off season resting




Hi fellas


Obviously the season ended a couple of months ago


I have basically been resting as I got to the end of the season and had a really sore shoulder which I couldn’t bowl with


Is rest the right thing to help? The pain has gone but I am a bit worried to train or bowl in case it comes back


Many thank






What a great question


I cant imagine the number of club bowlers just in the UK who ended the season in pain, and wont do a thing about it until the first net session around February or March time


They will go into it thinking they are ok and then bang, there the pain is again


And the season suddenly looks a long painful one instead of an enjoyable one


You see big fella here is the issue


Whilst you have rested, it means the thing you were doing that caused the pain will naturally feel a lot better


Like the old joke of telling the Dr that it hurts when you do a certain movement, and he replies don’t do it then!


Rest isn’t fixing the issue


You need to find out the driver behind it


What was causing it?


Do you have shoulders that internally rotate? Or a thoracic that is more blocked than the M25 at rush hour?


Maybe your core and kinetic sequence is out of whack and so you have to muscle the ball down using your shoulder


What it is find it, then fix it


Then training becomes easier and enjoyable


Your body isn’t looking for a non painful way to bowl and putting pressure on other parts of your body


If you need help then our 1 to 1 online screen will find the cause and eradicate it


Then build your program completely around you


Sounds like your thing?


Click here then https://cricketstrength.com/online-1-to-1-training/


Think differently




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