One of the big things we talk about at cricket strength is getting the body back to neutral and building the foundation up from there

Getting rid of dysfunction is one of the key things we do at the start of every program with someone on our online 1-1 plan

But there is something we also know with fast bowlers

And to be honest most athletes

We will never get them perfectly symmetrical

And that’s ok, we don’t have to lose our heads over it

Im a big fan of the FMS system to give you a good starting place and over view of how someone moves

And it’s great to track progression

But even that has degrees of separation

It doesn’t have to be bang on at each point to be the same score

When you think about the mechanics of the bowling action it is pretty obvious that it will be hard for both sides of the body to be exactly the same

It would be pretty much impossible to balance out every rep and delivery you bowl by doing it the other side as well

We just have to be smart

Realise there will be limitations in the body and help reset it as much as possible after each session

Which is why activation, mobility, stability and prehab type drills all need to be to the players specifications

So either before or after bowling or training we are giving it the tools it need to be ready to go, but also to come down after

And be smart in the work we do actually in the session, getting away from the old school lift lift lift and putting in place the exercises that help the body balance and the action to be more efficient

After all if the body and action are more efficient it will lead to more consistency, more pace, and less injury

If you are curious about what the 6 month online 1-1 plan contains then hit this link

It could just be what you need to take your game to the next level

Lets get after it


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