There are always big upsets in sports

And last weekend was no exception

Not just Klopp getting rid of his Final jinx 😉

Anthony Joshua lost to Andy Ruiz, who pretty much took him apart

Before the fight it was almost like he wasn’t taken seriously at all

Mostly for how he looks

Compared to Joshua he was a tubby looking non athletic fighter, who shouldn’t have stood a chance

But he proved everyone wrong and took it too him hard

And it sparked a load of debate on twitter about what was the point in training hard and looking good if you could turn up overweight and still win

But there are sports it can help with

Particularly heavy contact ones, so think boxing and props in rugby

Obviously you still need to be fit but the bodyfat levels aren’t as big a deal for them

But I would be very wary of going down that road for fast bowling

For me being lean is almost an injury prevention method for bowlers

That’s not the same as being weak though

Think of the forces going through the front leg during delivery

Between 4-8 times the bodyweight

So even for strong players we still want them be as lean as possible

An extra pound or kilo of fat is gonna increase the forces through the body at every delivery

The cumulative effect of that is massive if you are bowling 15-20 overs in a day

For me you want to think of a climbers frame, strong, lean and able to move well as almost the perfect one for a bowler

We want you to bowl for a long time, and it would be frustrating if you escaped a back injury just to get a knee or ankle injury just because of carrying too much timer

Think differently


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