In S&C these days there always seems to be a bit of war that appears to go on between those who write scientific studies and the trainers who work with athletes/players

Which is crazy really

As we all should be working toward the same thing

Making players better

I was listening to a fantastic podcast the other day

It was with 2 guys who I have tremendous respect for

As they are absolute leaders in their field

It was hosted by Eric Cressey, and American S&C who is hugely successful and knowledgeable (not many know more about shoulders than that guy)

And the his guest was Dr Stuart McGill, a professor and back specialist. Now what he doesn’t know about the back probably isn’t worth knowing!

One of the things I always pick up from leaders like these guys is how humble they are and their thirst for more knowledge

It both inspires you to keep learning and always reminds you how much you don’t know

Anyway one of the things Dr MaGill spoke about was early in his career being asked to assess a patient

And someone of his expertise saying they were a scientist not a clinician

This just smacks of someone with no ego

Prepared to say this isn’t what he’s best at

Even though he’d be far better than 99% of others assessing someone

Compare that to those twitter keyboard warriors, who have never been out of the lab, but want to comment on what trainers are doing with players

Without taking into account any variants you get when actually working in the trenches day in day out with players

The best laid plans get blown out of the water very quickly

You end up putting fires out a lot

There are things in cricket well out of your control

How many overs that are being bowled, whether you are following on. Maybe weather means they aren’t getting enough bowling

It’s a pity there is this almost snobbery and inability to see past the lab setting, as surely working together is the best way forward

If we could get to a stage where the big injuries and mechanisms were understood more we could start to get ahead of them, instead of losing players, and that is where scientists and clinicians could work together really well

Its all about helping the players

Think differently


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