The 4 stages of learning are

đŸ’¥Unconscious incompetence

đŸ’¥Conscious incompetence

đŸ’¥Conscious competence

đŸ’¥Unconscious competence

Ultimately to modify technique a bowler will need to go from having no idea what’s happening to being skilled without thinking about it.

Issues arrive around stage 3 where bowlers have to think about the certain part of their action.

The brain can only consciously think of one cue, anymore will cloud the process and ultimately lead to failure and drop out.

This is why the skill stability paradigm is effective and continues to make changes as the subconscious becomes the coach.

Each position is locked in place and the only conscious thought is MAX INTENT.

Humans want immediate success and bowlers are inpatient.

What happens is they rush through the 1st two stages which are the easiest as they are basic static drilling but then expect positive transfer into a full adrenaline pumping approach and delivery in competition.

This leads to frustration, lack of respect on how we learn and technical failure.

My advice is always to LIMIT THE AMOUNT of competition bowling you do when trying to change technique.

This is very difficult as a bowler gets older and why I believe there are key stages of a bowlers development that technique needs to be coached.

During a heightened state of brain plasticity and limited structured competitive play.

Before 11yrs of age.

After this there are too many constraints.

Which is why unless a bowler is removed from all bowling, and simply bats after teenage years there is very rarely any glaring changes in technique.

The bowlers who have changed have been the ones forces through injury, therefore are not bowling in games or have a totally different motor engram. Such as bowling off the wrong foot.

Due to the SCHMIDBLEICHER PRINCIPLE a bowler will never change technique during season.

As the last rep their brain remembers is the last delivery.

The Schmidblecher Principle states that the last thing you do has the most profound impact on motor learning and/or central nervous system adaptation.  So finishing a set with crappy technique has a negative impact on your motor learning

Assess don’t guess


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