This was an interesting question we had in

Actually made me think

Because its not quite as straight forward as you think on first viewing

Anyway this is what we got asked


Hi Guys

What is the best way for a fast bowler to recover and bounce back quickly after a hard and long training session?



On the surface I was about to answer with the usual things about recovery

Going into nutrition, contrast baths, vibration treatments, compression etc

But then I read it again

And realised this could be pretty problematic

Because we aren’t talking about recovering from a hard game

Bowling 20-30 overs in a day

We are talking about recovering from training

Which poses different questions

Recovering from a lot of overs is like an occupational hazard for fast bowlers

You have to bowl

But when it comes to training it has to be smart

And everything be put in place to allow you to be able to bowl a 30 over, and be able to back it up the next day

What we have to remember with training there is always cause and effect

I did a video about having a full glass and keeping the balance between training and recovery so we aren’t in a deficit that might have a very negative effect and lead to injury

So to bounce back quickly after a hard training sessions isn’t something id necessarily look to plan

A training session that has a high metabolic cost (i.e. leaves your ass on the floor) you cant expect to recover quickly from

So plan them on a day when the following 24-36 hours you can plan

During the off season the biggest session for our guys on the new 1-1 plan is on the Friday, where they have the weekend to recover fully

Put a high training day back to back and you start to fry the CNS too, and again we get into murky waters

Another thing to think of is putting more money in the Aerobic bank too

If you’ve seen the data Steff has taken over the last year youll realise the importance of a well developed aerobic system for both the game and recovery

So get planning the timing of sessions first, then on days off maximise the recovery work

Or let us do the planning for you on the new 1-1 program

Click here for more details

Think differently


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