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Keep showing you inside on what we are doing with the professionals


One posted last week was the Adductor side plank with band rows


Have a look here https://www.instagram.com/p/BpwkzuzhSNM/


Now we had a question in on this one from Charlie


This is what he asked




How long do you have the guys hold the plank for?


And what are the progressions and regressions






Now if you have got into our articles youd know we aren’t massive fans of holding planks for time, certainly not above 30 seconds


When you go over this you usually start seeing the body shifting all over the place


The muscles you are looking to strengthen usually are replaced by the bigger global muscles and technique goes out the window


So for this exercise we do it for reps of the band pull rather than time


And if technique fails then we stop the set


So you can maybe 12-15 reps


As far as regressions then the simple side plank on the knees would be the earliest you would go for this, and not an isometric hold. You’d come up into the plank, hold for a couple seconds and then down, gradually building up the time at the top position


Then full side planks, then adductor planks for 10 secs, and eventually onto the band pull


As far as progressions then you can come up onto the hand instead of the elbow on bottom hand


So add a physio pad under the elbow, or a partner adding some perturbations to the body


There are always way to make it slightly hard, but again make sure technique doesn’t fail


The reason I like the exercise is the bang for buck


Cross sling isometric strength, adductor loading, anti rotation for the trunk and scapula control


All things the fast bowler needs


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Think differently





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