With the new year we are bringing you a fantastic new program for bowlers


The POWER FACTOR PROGRAM is a 4 week blast which will ramp your body and game up to the next level


It literally ticks all the boxes. If you have already completed a foundation training phase then this is what will make the difference


This is where most people will go wrong, they do the ‘normal’ gym work which is fine. Put they then dont specialise with their training and keep doing the same thing


This program is specialised. Its for making bowlers stronger, more powerful and ultimately bowl quicker


It includes

  • Strength training
  • Contrast training
  • Arm speed work
  • Full body mobility
  • Diet & supplementation


It really is a beauty. You can use it pretty much at any stage to power up you game


Make this the year you follow a program that will improve your game, not just how you look on the beach!!


Get yours hereĀ http://cricketstrength.com/power-factor/


Enjoy, let us know how you get on


Think differently


Cricket Strength


That link againĀ http://cricketstrength.com/power-factor/




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