I was doing a bit of reading the other day

But of a geek for knowledge, want to keep learning all the time

It was from a top US S&C in baseball

And this guy gets results with the baseball players he works with

For me that is exactly the type of guy in the industry to learn off

Anyway, the big fella was asked about nutrition and training

Someone wanted to know if they could eat what they want as long as they train harder and longer to compensate

The response was this

Using extra conditioning to make up for a poor diet is a definite path to continuing to use extra conditioning to make up for poor diet for a long time

Slippery slope

You’re better off plugging the leak in the roof (diet) than you are buying more buckets to collect water

Now big fella you know I love an analogy to make a point pop out, and this one is a doozy

It makes it so simple

Once you start off you’ll be forever chasing your tail

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Plugging the leak is what we always want to do

Find the source of any issue and fix it

Like having poor motor control or strength on one leg, so bashing out loads of bilateral exercises to try and cover it up

It will be exposed as soon as you have to go on the one leg and try to generate any force and power

And big fella, if youre a fast bowler that is pretty devastating for your action

You can be teling everyone how strong you are, maybe deadlifting twice your bodyweight

But on one leg if you are a stable as a drunk on an ice rink then that deadlift number is gonna mean precisely jack

Now put single leg strength and stability with some good bilateral and youre getting somewhere

As soon as you plug the leak you can make great strides

Ignore it and invite disaster

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Think differently


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