Last week we had the opportunity to go down and use the indoor facility at Worcester Warriors rugby club


And my friend it is an awesome place


It has pretty much everything you could want to help your players


Cryo chamber, hyobaric chamber, alter g treadmill as well as pretty much everything else you’d want in a gym


Huge 4g indoor pitch, running track and about 6 weight cages


But the thing we really wanted to tap into was a sand pit they had in the corner of the gym


One of the big areas we are trying to help our fast bowlers with is their ankles


They seem to get a lot of ankle impingements


Soft tissue injuries, like pulled hammy or groin or quad don’t happen anymore


Shoulders and side strains the same


But the 2 we are still in constant battle with are backs and ankles


We are pretty sure we are heading the right way with both


We are lucky with the ankles that we can manually keep on top of them


Our head of sports science, Benny D, is a whizz with manipulations, taping and keeping the ankles manageable


But we want to get ahead of them


There are things we cant control, like foot holes, how hard the pitches are ect


Some we are looking to improve on are more conditioning drills


We have added more isometric work and hopping, a lot of the stuff that Steff is a massive advocate of in his training with fast bowlers


But using the sand pit has added an extra dimension


Their do it barefoot (as all their training in the gym) and the instability of the sand adds a great extra proprioceptive input to the ankles and lower limbs


And also it’s a great way to start some loading back in to players coming back from injury without the impact of the hard floor


Now time will tell if it works


Once we are back to the season the amount of work Benny has to do on their ankles will tell us


But as always we want to keep progressing and helping as much as possible


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