It’s the time of year when questions start to fly in thick and fast


The smart ones know that this is the crucial period for planning your off season, and how you are going to get better for next year


Macca is one of these people and he sent us in this question


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G’day Dewsy,


Just wondering how you would periodise energy system conditioning for cricket from general prep, specific prep and the competition phases?


Also, what other speed or agility work (if any) would you do?


 Need to come up with a plan for my cricketers for next season.






Ok, here is what I do


First up there is the getting rid of dysfunction phase


So this is basically from right after the season until mid Nov, so 6 weeks.


The players get FMS screened and a program is generated specific for them and the issues which they have picked up through the season (you can find these in the Inner Circle, click HERE)


From there we go into a 6 week GPP phase (this might be less if we have a player who already has a lot of prep phases behind them, and strength isn’t an issue)


Post Xmas we get more specific in the bowling prep


But to be honest there is still a lot of specificity in the GPP as well


The programs have a lot of drills which have great carry over to bowling, and we have shared one of these 6 weeks plans with the Inner Circle to show exactly how we put someones’ program together based on their testing results


The SPP lasts around 10 weeks, and takes us right up to pre season


As soon as that hits we basically class it as the competition phase, so we are into maintenance and fire fighting, so loads of soft tissue, stability and cross chain work


Then it’s a priority as what we lose first, so power and anaerobic goes quicker than aerobic/conditioning, so we make sure to be getting a steady dose of power, even if that’s just mediball or OU ball work


As for agility and speed work that’s down to where the individual is


If they’ve had a big summer workload wise we might choose to have them with low impact until after Xmas, likewise if they need more technical and queuing work it could start in November


Hopefully this help put things in place


And if you need more help then the Inner Circle is the place to be


Come a join us here


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