It seems talk of our new program for young cricketers has caused quite a debate


We have heard from a lot of people who are very worried about what S&C their youngster are being taught, if at all they are getting any


Also there is a mass fear about what S&C actually is. Some still think its lifting big weights and naturally think doing that will harm their juniors


When the program gets released on friday you will be able to see exactly how to progress a complete beginner in fitness to the point of being able to step up to train like a professional


One of the biggest worries is what PE teachers are doing for fitness with these kids


We received this message from Myles this week

Hi Steff and Ross 

I have just started PE GCSE and I am astonished at some of the things they still teach in it. They teach static stretching before exercise and circuit training which still has sit ups in it. I am telling this as I am so thankful of you guys telling the right way to exercise of wise my back would be messed up at just 15. Do you think I should tell the teacher I don’t want to do sit ups?

Steff I am interested to hear what you do at your school.”


Myles is one of the smart ones who has been listening and reading our stuff, and has purchased our program as well, so he has got a decent understanding of what is needed

Unfortunately most of the kids dont have access to this knowledge and will have to do what they are told

They end up leaving school in poor condition, unless they are genetically gifted are are lucky enough to be affiliated with a professional sports coach 


Its about time PE teachers learn how to actual develop athletes, give these kids the best opportunity to get to their full potential


I see a lot of PE teachers send their kids on laps at the start of lesson, this is time where they could be doing some movement and motor pattern work (all in the new program). this would be far more beneficial. The reasons they aren’t doing it are either they are incompetent or lazy, neither we want with our young players


Hopefully we can help educate the coaches amongst you who seem to be crying out for what to do with the young cricketers, and slowly we can influence PE teachers to start educating themselves to what these kids need


Think differently





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