Nope, its not a typo

I know the usual saying is off the rails, but as ever we do things differently at Cricket Strength

We wont to be on the RAIL

Using the RAIL system

Let me explain my friend

RAIL is the system to use to enhance movement, inspired by Dr Perry Nickleston (a ridiculously smart guy)

And it stands for this

R – Reset

A – Activate

I – Integrate

L – Locomotion (move)

And I’ve added a S to the end

S – Specific

And here is how it works

R- For reset we use a number of different tools. Maybe the vibro foam roller, peanut, alpha ball, yoga ball, massage stick

Whatever it get into the muscle fascia and allow a great freedom of movement

A- Activate the area around it. So say you have released the lats then maybe we would start getting into some side planks or dead bugs after

I- Then its time to integrate, working along cross sling patterns, into some half kneeling chops or lifts

L- movement time now, so we could bring something like the mace swings in

S- Finish off with specifics. For us thinking cricket then for bowlers go to half kneeling weighted bowling, or some mediball variations

So you can see how it all fits together

Some of the principles are similar to a triphasic French contrast type of training

They have 1 major thing in common

We want it to be specific

Whether it be training or rehab, we have to remember what the end goal is and always move toward it

We never want to waste time

When ever you are doing anything ask exactly how its either healing you or helping you game

If you cant answer either in a positive manner it might be time to invest in some training that would really help

I get it, its not easy to find

But its exactly why we designed the online 1-1 plan, to be full of the exact things that you need

Movement, strength, bowling specific

Hit this link now

Think differently


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