Bit of a weird headline I grant you

But something occurred to me over the weekend

My neighbour has an old classic car

Think it’s a triumph or something like that

All week he keeps it under cover and sat in the garage

But each Sunday he’ll fire it up and take it for a spin

Just 30 mins around town

And you can tell when he starts it as the whole road starts to shake

It’s a powerful little beast

I got talking to him and asked him why he does it, form someone who knows very little about cars and engines in particular

He said he basically has to so that it doesn’t seize up, especially over the cold winter months. Just keep it ticking over once a week and it keeps it in good working order

Pretty smart

And it occurred to me it’s the same with bowling

We seemed to go away from bowling all year round because of the fear of injuries

Myself included for a long time

But unless there is an injury reason, bowling all year round might be exactly what you need to be doing

Now we are not talking about blasting in for 30 over a week big fella in November

Hell no

But maybe 5-10 overs a week might be the minimum dose effect the body need to keep on top of things

2 lots of 4/5 overs a week can keep you ticking over just like taking the car out once a week

Remember the back needs load through it to help the strengthening process, its just deciding for the player what that load should be

And bowling counts as one part of it

We shouldn’t be scared about bowling, we should be making sure the body is in condition to handle it

Hiding behind workloads might mean you are missing out on some crucial information about movement that could be the missing link as to why you cant do what your coach is telling you

Get the wheels aligned, the engine tuned up, and keep ticking over

And if you need help then join us in the Inner Circle here

Think differently


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