So the off season has now started

All the fitness tests have pretty much been done, with the results being compiled and evaluated to put in the best plan possible for the player

If you have started off how have you planned it?

What tests have you done?

We look to do them in different categories


-Fitness capacity


All of them compliment the other

If there is an issue with the action can we trace it back to a movement dysfunction, or a strength deficit

If there is a mobility issue is it just a stability of strength issue which is sticking the breaks on and limiting the mobility it lets you have

And are capacity test limited due to movement issues which is impairing sprint or running technique

You see you need the whole picture

Which is what we do on the 6 month 1-1 plan

Piece together everything to put the perfect plan in place just for you

With no guessing, just the closest you can get to a personal trainer, delivering everything to your phone everyday

Hit this link to start your best off season

Think differently


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