Now cricket strength has been traditionally recognised as mainly helping fast bowlers

And that is what we have mainly been doing

After all its one of the hardest things to do, make a real difference with fast bowlers, whether it be increasing pace or decreasing injury

But its 2019 so big fella its time to evolve

For the first time we are opening the bespoke online 1 to 1 program for not just fast bowlers, but batters, spinners and wicket keepers

Yep we are going to cover the lot

There have been so many emails asking for it its time to let rip to help everyone

And the beauty is we can make huge differences

The 12 week plan will have you peaking just in time for the season

It will follow the same format

Week 1-4

Your own correctives program to iron out any movement issues based on online screening through our FMS expert

Week 5-8

Integrated strength & movement plan based on your screening and needs

Week 9-12

Powering up your batting/spinning/keeping getting specific, making your kinetic chain work how it should for maximum power, as well as working aerobic & aerobically to help increase stamina and speed

Just follow the link here to get yours and start your year the right way

We want to help everyone in cricket, so this is your chance to really make massive strides before the next season hit

Look forward to working with you

Think differently


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