Last week we talked about the S-RAMP system we use for our pre game warm ups

Took you through each segment and what it should looked like

Well this week in the Inner Circle we shared the exact movement flow mobility and stability drills we do with our players

And it doesn’t require any equipment except a mini band

We try to hit every part of the body but not in an isolation way, we want it to be part of a more global approach

Im sure you know the old (or still normal way) of warm up that we used to do years ago

A couple laps and then some static stretches

Makes my hammies twinge just thinking about it now!

Well big fella hopefully that should be in the past now

Get a decent movement flow in there and it can work perfectly during the overall warm up

Just a couple pointers though

As always try to steer clear of any lower back aggressive extension

Remember we need to look after that bad boy as much as possible so don’t want to be bashing the hell out of extension during prep, it will get plenty of that whilst bowling

So the old school dorsal raises should be put in the bin (for fast bowlers that is)

Also use it as a mini assessment for yourself

If youre getting some pain or blockage in a movement which is usually decent and pain free then it’s a signal to go all Sherlock Holmes as start to investigate

Pain is something we never want to just ignore big fella

So if you want to see our new movement flow video, as well as the full S-RAMP webinar then the Inner Circle is like Christmas come early

It also has Interviews with International players like Mark Wood, Marcus Trescothick, Ravi Ashwin, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Santner

Webinars like using fitness testing, checking whether you’re hip or knee dom and analysing the bowling action

Just take a peek here

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