Morning session with two young quicks.


Med ball rotational and extension throws as potentiation.


Have a watch here


Note- Olympic lifts don’t provide the sequence that’s specific to bowling , triple rotation and extension.


We then moved onto FFC work with overcoming Isometric drop and block- ISO PUSH before spending the remaining time in BFC. Full contraction spectrum


ABSORPTION. ISO CATCH. Altitude drops and Supramax ECCENTRIC single leg Squat




TRANSITION. ISO DYNAMIC single leg squat. 10 reps concentric,10sec Isometric hold repeat 3 times


PROPULSION. Single leg BFC pulsing


Finished with back extension with Aqua Bag returns/pertrubations.


This concludes the lower body work for the week. Monday was bilateral ECCENTRIC focus on the proinertial and this session is specific strength skill stability work.


Covering all basis from general to specific


Assess don’t guess


And join me here



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