I think its obvious now how much emphasis I put on throwing medicine balls. I’m still frustrated by the lack of medicine ball throwing in the professional game. All I can do is continue to educate those who aspire to get to that level and hopefully when they are at pro level they continue to use them. Unfortunately doing slam downs a few times a week doesn’t count I’m sorry! Its a whole session on its own! Javelin throwers, which is the same kinetic chain sequence as fast bowling throw up to 500 throws per week and up to 200 weighted ball throws per week (yep I think it’s obvious my take on OU weighted ball bowling- that’s my little baby!!) I’m not sure why they aren’t used more but maybe with time all fast bowling programs will look more like my SPEED DEMON TIER system. See photo. Yep I’m giving away a lot but bowlers need to see how med balls, weight training and weighted balls need to be periodised. This plan took time to plan and it’s only the TIER 4 program so there are 3 more designs that are more advanced than this one! Notice how at the end of the winter training season it’s all med ball throws and weighted ball work, there’s only a very low volume of Heavy Neurally draining max strength work. Isometric potentiation drills are utilized here . As I’ve stated before the the RESIDUAL EFFECT of strength work lasts 30 or more days so don’t worry you won’t lose your gains during that PRE COMPETITION PHASE. During this time you need to worry about;

A. Special developmental exercise like med ball throws. These exercises, ” train same energy and muscular system as fast bowling but only part of the movement”

B. Competitive exercise like OU WEIGHTED BALL bowling. These drills ” duplicate the whole movement using either, overloaded or underloaded implements”

Ok let’s be clear, unless you spend time in this phase, i.e, throw med balls, perform jumps, shock drills and ou weighted ball bowling you will not POSITIVELY TRANSFER your general strength to SPECIFIC strength and you won’t see any benefits to your bowling. So all that work in the winter may make you a better General athlete and more robust but it won’t increase your bowling speed!!! That’s how it works so it’s up to you bowlers. Start demanding you THROW more things and LIFT less things around February and March time. 

Like I posted a few weeks back, all Wellington school the bowlers and everyone who carry through my programs properly have put on pace. That’s why I spent £800 on the best speed gun so I can deal in facts now when talking about the quality of my programs. These speeds have been achieved by the bowlers at my school without touching any weight lifting exercises! Not a bench press, squat or deadlift in sight. It’s all been achieved by 11-14yr old bowlers through THROWING things. I know that the early I can introduce my athletes/bowlers to med ball work the more effective it will be. The early I can get them using their HTMU , the fast twitch fibres the better chance I’m giving them to becoming an explosive athlete whatever their sport!

Here’s an article by one of the best Charles Poliquin on med ball throwing. 

“Medicine balls have been used for over a hundred years, coming in and out of the Iron Game.

Medicine ball training is more geared for sports performance than the buffed looked or high levels of maximal strength. However there are some abdominal exercises that can use the medicine balls as the external mean of resistance that can be quite useful to achieve the buffed look.

According to most European research in the fields of physical education and sports performance, medicine ball training has more carryover for athletic purposes, particularly in the young athlete when the speed component development has its optimal window, that is between the ages of 8-10.

In the U.S., obviously the introduction of medicine ball training is done way too late in the training process. You obtain most of your coordination and concepts of acceleration by age 12, that is 90% of it. So if you are not athletic by age 12, as they say in Jersey « Forget about it ».

You can also use the medicine ball for conditioning drills. For example, you throw the ball overhead for distance, sprint after it, turn around, throw it back in the other direction, sprint after it, etc…. I prefer this type of conditioning over classic long distance running. Why? Because the person works on their acceleration qualities both in sprinting and throwing.

I recommend it as base work for kids 8 to 10, which is the optimal age to learn the concepts of acceleration.

Enjoy the path,

Coach Charles Poliquin”

Any questions regarding throwing med balls and what exercises to use just get in touch.



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