Its that time of year again

Clothes a little tighter

Getting out of breath a bit easier

The toll that not just Christmas, but for most people the whole of December takes on the body can be a heavy one


We had this question from Mike in about how to put this right


Hi Guys

Love the site and all the info you share, it really is gold dust for us who don’t have access to the knowledge of how to improve

I have a question though

Im probably about a stone overweight, what would be the best way to lose it?

Should I start running again, or I was thinking about buying the insanity DVD exercises series

Any thoughts would be appreciated mate




Now one of my big bug bears is when we get to the new year and you see everyone out pounding the pavements to lose the extra timber

Then almost starve themselves

Within a couple weeks they will probably crash, get a cold or flu, or go in the knee, hip of back

Then its all out the window and back to square one

So here is what I would do

For the first couple weeks don’t even worry about any exercise as such

Focus on eating well, and when I say well not some crazy diet

Just start to eat foods which have a single ingredient, so pretty much veg, meats, fruit, potatoes, porridge etc

Use spices to add taste, make a decent thai green curry with loads of veg, salmon and broccoli, those sorts of things

Soups too can be fantastic

So you are getting fantastic nutrients into the body and not starving

Then start to add exercise

If you are on one of the inner circle programs then just stick to those, no need to go crazy

Especially for high impact things like insanity and running

2 quick ways to book an appointment with a physio!

Then just keep consistent in what you do

Ill be uploading a 2 weeks nutrition plan into the Inner Circle Monday, we are looking at helping the whole person not just the cricket

Find out more here

Think differently


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