If you are training hard in the gym for your sport you might be putting all the hard work in jeopardy if you decide that you need to lose weight at the same time


What people tend to do when they realize this is to cut the amount of food they are eating, or the amount of calories they are consuming


This can be pretty disastrous for the body, as you are then causing major disruptions to your hormones


Hormones are basically the control station for the body. Pretty much everything we do and think are controlled by the state of our hormones. They are what needs to be thought about first when it comes to weight loss, and health in general


Unfortunately we have been conned into thinking when we need to lose weight that we have to cut calories, shrink portions and make sure that no fat passes the lips


This is the message that is always out there, and what has it created? A mass obesity and diabetic epidemic


You see as soon as you cut calories you are messing with metabolic processes, and this plays the bosa nova with your hormones.


If you are a guy then cutting calories will impact hugely on your testosterone levels, and thyroid. When testosterone drops building muscle, and even just functioning as a man, gets a heck of a lot harder.


The way we build muscle is through protein synthesis, but without the amount of calories we need (from good natural food not low fat cardboard tasting non food) our body literally begins to shut down


We need to approach it from a very different angle. Instead of cutting calories, change to natural foods. If it comes in a box with a mass of ingredients then the body wont recognis

e it and be able to do anything with it, so don’t eat it! Go for the veg (green veg for guys will help turbo charge your testosterone very quickly) and free range meats, eggs, fish


Give it a go, not only will fat drop off, you will start to feel better than ever


Think differently


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