The old trotters take a lot of pounding

During a game you can be on them for 6 hours so you better believe you need to be taking care of them

From the actual shoes you play in (massive talking point BTW) to the socks you use, there are always ways to help yourself

One of our Inner Circle guys had some feet issues last year and had this question for us


Hi Ross

I’m loving the content, it’s really helping me to understand and move my body better.

Cricket season just ended here in Australia, I picked up a sesamoid fracture in December last year which side lined my bowling.

It feels good at the moment I’m just wondering if there’s any exercises to help look after my foot before I start bowling again.

Thanks, John


First up I love the fact that John is looking into keeping on top of an old injury

One of the biggest issues we see with injuries is that as soon as the player feels they are over the injury then they stop doing the things which helped them

Big point that, read it again ^^^^^

So here are the 3 points I gave John to help going forward

1- In our Feel Move and Play Better program (which is part of the Inner Circle, along with all the other programs) there is a specific feet program to keep on top of feet health.

We always forget the feet when it comes to soft tissue, but give them a little love and they will respond massively

2- Go barefoot, or minimus shoes, in the gym and walking around as much as you can. Obviously make sure it’s a safe surface to do so, nothing that can cut you etc

Also a bit of grounding helps, walking barefoot on the grass for 10 minutes. Give it a go

3- Banded plantar fascia banded drag is a belter for the foot is a fantastic exercise to keep the feet both strong and working well, and id definitely add it in

So these are 3 things before even looking at the right shoes for your bowling type etc

If you want the programs then come join the Inner Circle

Its for you to get the most out of your game, and fix your body

Think differently


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p.p.s. here is a video of the banded plantar fascia for you to have a peek at

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