I went back to Dorset at the weekend to see my family


Its only 2 and a hours away, but I don’t manage to get down there that much so its always nice to see them


But im not a big fan of driving big fella


And when I do the only option in my head is getting it done as quick as (legally) possible


The funny thing is even though I don’t like driving, if there is a few people who need to go somewhere and need a driver, I always volunteer! Im like a walking contradiction, not many can understand what goes on in my head!


On the way home I had the tyre pressure guage start flashing


Nothing unusual there, there sometimes go under the normal level and it gives you a reminder to get it sorted


But on the the tyres pressure kept going down


29, 28, 27, 26…


Even with my limited car knowledge I knew that wasn’t right


Luckily it hadn’t completely gone and I pulled into a mini services, went to the air and water machine and got out to inspect


Well the hissing coming from it told me all I needed to know, there was a hole in the sod


2 mins later and it was completely flat


Now the first lesson here is taking heed of the warning


If I hadn’t it would’ve gone on the road somewhere and id have been stranded in a much more dangerous position


Like ignoring that first bit of pain somewhere and thinking it will go away


The trouble I was facing was it had literally just gone 4 on a Sunday, every tyre place was shut


So I ring the RAC


They come out, 90 mins later, and the only option was to temporarily fill the hole and then stick to 50 mph all the way home


Now this was advice I knew I needed to stick to


Even though it was so damn frustrating doing 50 on the motorway, seeing cars fly past me all the time


It’s the same as when we give a correctives program to someone.


We can see their body is in trouble, they need an intervention


But correctives aren’t as cool as smacking a load of weight on a bar and lifting in front of everyone


But if you don’t stick to it, your body could blow, just like the tyre would have


I took it slow and steady and got home in one piece and can now repair it properly


So just remember, take your time with the basics, don’t rush, and once you have done it then you can push on


And we have all the programs you will need in the Inner Circle


Check it out here https://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/


Think differently



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