With the important winter training coming up it is vital that you get the periodisation and planning spot on to maximise and get the most gains


There is no point training if there is no carry over into your game. Remember this should always be the end goal, otherwise you might as well do some bodybuilding or cross fit


As we have said many times it is Strength which needs to be the foundation of all the physical attributes we are looking to increase.


But there is a point where we need to stop specifically training maximum strength and move on to special strength and power (Awesome article on that HERE). If we just keep going trying to get stronger and stronger we will lose the windows of opportunity to increase speed and power


After all we want to be athletes, not power lifters. There is a reason that the guys who lift the most aren’t the quickest sprinters or longest jumpers


A great resource to use to figure when to use maximal strength and when to move on the Speed Strength Curve pictured below


You can almost set your off season training around this curve


You want to be starting out with the strength phase, looking in this window to get as strong as you can, this is then money in the bank which we can use to help get as quick and powerful as possible (The Regeneration & Strength program is ideal for this, click HERE for more on this prog)


But then you need to be moving along the curve, looking at strength speed, power and the speed strength. If you get this right then you will get into next season stronger and more powerful then before, and of course quicker


Knowing when is the key, which is where we come in and try to help


We have seen so many bowlers work their nuts off all winter and get to the season a lot stronger but without the carry over in their bowling, and often not being in a ‘bowling ready’ condition


Maybe its an ego S&C thing wanting to boast about the numbers their players are lifting, but as a player you need to take a bit of ownership and remember its your career.


If you are in march/april and still trying to increase maximum strength then you are on a hiding to nothing


Think differently (& smartly)



force velocity curve

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