Had an interesting question fly in last week

And it was after the study came out refuting a lot of the claims that the makers of K tape and similar companies have claimed are the benefits of their kit

Here is what was asked


Hi Ross

Ive just seen the reports coming out saying that K tape doesn’t do what it says it does

Ive been using it for a few years now during games and got to admit I feel great using it, especially during bowling

My question is should I stop using it now? Im a bit confused




Now the answer im gonna give doesn’t actually have anything to do with K Tape or any equivalent at all

To be honest, as with most tools, there will be good and bad points, and people want to be arguing all day it seems

If you as an individual use something, whether it be K Tape, static stretching or fairy dust, and you feel good on it then why change?

Remember to 2 outcomes we always want

Good performance (and improving) and no injuries

Tick these boxes and do whatever you like

It would be pretty crazy if you had been using the K Tape for a few years, really liking it, feeling like it has a positive benefit, and suddenly give it up because a study says its not great

And remember you can pretty much get studies to be manipulated to produce the sort of outcome that suits a particular narrative

So for me always back how you feel doing it

If it feels good and gives you the outcomes you are looking for then carry on

If its not working, change it

Its all in your hands

And if you need some help and guidance on the way then we can help with the Inner Circle, our global cricket community

Have a look here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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