When working with junior cricketers coaches must be a jack of all trades


Most of the time you will be pretty much on your own with these players, there wont be different coaches for batting, spinning, fielding and bowling, you have to cover the lot yourself


As well as this you have got to make sure you have at least a basic knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, and understand what it is, and the role that it plays


Unfortunately this is where a lot of coaches let themselves down, they dont have the inclination to actually look in to what they can be doing with their players, how they can be helping them. 


They get frustrated that these players are slow in trying to learn a new skill, without realising that if you improved their S&C, basic strength and movement co-ordination, they will find it a lot easier to learn a new skill and improve


On one of the seminars we held the guy who helped organise it had let a lot of the coaches in the district know we were coming. The response on the most part was that it wasnt for them, more the players themselves!! We couldnt believe this. It needs to be the coaches getting their hands dirty, learning new things to help their players, after all they are going to be the ones with the most contact times with these kids


Luckily there are a few coaches out there who are grasping the importance of S&C, and the message we are trying to get across. Jono Hall up in Cumbria is doing great thing, Roger Smith in Hampshire likewise. These are coaches who are switched on, and understand the importance of getting their players strong and stable.


And there are more we are hearing from every day. They are the reason we have developed the Strength Training for Young Cricketers program which we are releasing tomorrow


Your players deserve the best start, and they deserve you doing all you can to help


Think differently




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